Tribute to Alfred Bennett Jenson


Pathologist, papillomavirus immunologist and co-inventor of the HPV vaccine

Sorrowfully, A. Bennett Jenson MD died unexpectedly at home on December 23, 2019. He was 80 years old.

Bennett was one of the earliest medical scientists to explore the host immune response to papillomaviruses and to correlate viral protein structure with the induction of host immunity. He had an extensive background in pathology, immunology and virology and, coupled with his unique and often humorous personality, he became an unforgettable and vital component of the papillomavirus community.
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Written by Richard Schlegel, MD, PhD Director of the Center for Cell Reprogramming Georgetown University Medical Center Washington, DC.

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xavier bosch
25/05/2020 12:30
His door and his mind were always open
Bennett was one of the seniors in the HPV world always ready to spare some time with anyone of his younger generation to discuss a poster or an idea. His door and his mind were always open. When the opening of his IPV conference was interrupted because he leaned on the emergency door, the alarm went off until the police came. Bennett in his cowboy booths was requested to produce an ID card and to sign a form in front of the plenary audience.
Date: 25/05/2020 12:30
Created by: xavier bosch